Monday, July 27, 2015

Great Songs You May Have Never Heard Before Part 1

I enjoy a great variety of music and I am always searching for more great music and the next big song. As I was looking through my music library, I quickly came to realize I had quite a few songs, all which I really enjoy, and they all had something in common: Each song in the playlist never seemed to become a big hit on the radio or even on YouTube. This gave me a great idea and led me to build this list of songs.
The eight songs I hand picked below make up the first half of a list of songs that I feel have flown under the radar for quite some time and deserve some recognition. You may have heard of some of these before as some are more popular than others but I guarantee you haven't heard them all. There are quite a variety of song genres in this list. So whether you enjoy pop, country or house there is a song in here for everyone.  

1. Animal - Neon Trees

Out of all the songs on this list, this one and the next one are definitely the more popular ones and I'm sure some of you have heard of Animal by Neon Trees. Never the less this is still an exceptional song. It has a great beat to it and excellent instrumentals. I really enjoy Neon Trees and recommend you check out "Everybody Talks" which is another great song from Neon Trees.

2. Classic - MKTO

As mentioned above this one is also one of the more popular songs on the list. However it still never made it to the top of the charts or to the radio frequently. It falls in to the pop genre and certainly is in line with what is on the radio today. This one might not be for everyone but it puts anyone in a good mood.

3. Dangerous - Big Data ft. Joywave

Dangerous was recorded in 2013 and comes to us from Big Data. It is an Indie rock and electronic song and it has a unique tone to it. I like this one because it is a little slower and not quite as upbeat assume of the other songs on this list however it is still very catchy. This one isn't as popular as the first two songs so give it a shot!

4. I Got U - Duke Dumont ft. Jax Jones

I just discovered this beauty the other week. This deep house single is brought to us by Duke Dumont and it is definitely one I put a star next to. This would be a great song for a party or your summer 2015 playlist. It is upbeat and it kind of reminds me of Waves by Mr. Probz from my Summer 2015 playlist. If you haven't seen that already, check it out too!

5. Knee Deep - Zac Brown Band ft. Jimmy Buffett

This is amongst my favourite country songs. Maybe it is because it doesn't even sound that country, it is a good song and certainly my favourite from the Zac Brown Band. It lightens the mood and makes you feel like your only worry in the world is if the tide is going to reach your chair!

6. Reflections - Misterwives

A female artist! Okay take it easy, I know I haven't included many female artists in my lists so far but this song is more than worthy of a shout out. Mandy Lee has an excellent voice and this is a great Indie pop single. It is always a hit amongst my friends when it plays off my phone!

7. The Only Way Is Up - Martin Garrix & Tiësto

This song is extremely new so I would be very surprised if you have heard of it before. Only having been released in May of this year it is a hit that I think would also be a fit in your 2015 summer playlist. I have been liking the house music lately, but how can you not when songs such as this one are being produced. Prior to this song I hand't heard much of Martin Garrix or Tiësto but I have been looking in to them and I recommend you do as well.

8. Up and Away - Can't Stop Won't Stop ft. June

I originally heard this song on a YouTube video for the "Worlds largest rope swing". Afterwards I looked in to it and it is certainly one that inspired this list. Can't stop won't stop hasn't produced to many other singles but don't let that take away from this one. If you are looking for a good pop/ hip-hop song that has flown under the radar that you haven't heard before, this is one I recommend for you!

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my "Great songs you may have never heard before", and if you did check out part 2!

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