Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Top Country Songs

I don't listen to a ton of country music because it isn't my most favourite style of music. However there are some really good country artists who have some really great songs. One reason I enjoy country music is because it is great for car rides. You can just roll down your windows and let the good times roll. Below are my favourite country songs. I know there are plenty of other great country songs but this is just a sample list of some of my favourites. There is a nice variety of artists in here so I hope you enjoy!

American Kids - Kenny Chesney

Big Green Tractor - Jason Aldean

Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton ft. Pistol Annies & Friends

Country Girl - Luke Bryan

Crash and Burn - Thomas Rhett

God Bless The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts

How Country Feels - Randy Houser

Knee Deep - Zac Brown Band

Let Me See Ya Girl - Cole Swindell

Life Is A Highway - Tom Cochrane

Love Story - Taylor Swift

That's My Kind Of Night - Luke Bryan

Truck Yeah - Tim McGraw

Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Underrated Hip-Hop and Rap Singles

New hip-hop and rap songs are hard to find in my opinion because a lot of it is rather poor in quality and smaller artists have a harder time getting recognized. I enjoy many hip-hop artists but I do get rather bored of all the mainstream songs played on the radio over and over again, or the same artists always being featured week after week atop the charts mainly because of their name rather than the actual quality of their work. Below are some rap and hip-hop songs I feel are underrated and if you haven't heard will quite enjoy. There is a nice mix of various artists amongst this list and most of them have other songs I would recommend as well. So if you are looking for more rap and hip-hop look in to these artists if you haven't already.

1. Be A King - E-dubble

2. Caribou Lou - Tech N9ne

3. Colt 45 - Afroman

4. Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio

5. Good Day - Nappy Roots

6. Hood Go Crazy - Tech N9ne ft. B.O.B & 2 Chainz

7. Like Me - Jake Miller

8. Run This Town - Upper West

9. Still Not A Playa - Big Pun ft. Joe

10. Sunrise - Childish Gambino

11. Till I Get There - Lupe Fiasco

12. Tipsy - J-Kwon

These aren't just my favourite underrated hip-hop and rap songs these are some of my favourite hip-hop and rap songs. Let me know which ones you enjoyed the most!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Great Songs You May Have Never Heard Before Part 2

If part 1 of my "Great songs you may have never heard before" didn't have enough to offer I hope some of the songs below in Part 2 will be new and interesting for you. If you haven't seen Part 1 make sure to check it out (See Part 1). There is also a great variety of music genres in this list and these songs which have never gained huge popularity are certainly ones I recommend to everyone.

1. Breezeblocks - Alt-J

Breezeblocks is a song brought to us by British Indie rock band Alt-J and is from their album "An Awesome Wave". Breezeblocks is my favourite song produced by Alt-J along with another song of theirs called "Left Hand Free". Alt-J truly have a unique sound and while I find a lot of their music rather plain and uninviting to the ear, Breezeblocks is certainly an exception.

2. Oceans - Coasts

Coasts are an English rock band and produced Oceans in 2014. I would describe Oceans as an Indie pop song and it is a total jam! These guys haven't received much head way with any of their music yet but I feel like this song may be a huge hit soon enough. Coasts time is definitely coming.

3. Hit It - American Authors

I first heard this song on the playlist of Fifa 14 which had an awesome soundtrack giving us songs such as "Love Me Again" by John Newman or "Magic" by the Olympic Ayres. "Hit It" however was my favourite from the soundtrack and the American Authors proved to be a quality American rock group. You may have heard of them for their hit single "Best Day of My Life" which was a big hit on the radio, but if you haven't heard Hit It yet, check it out!

4. I'm Ready - AJR

This song did manage to reach a high of number 65 on the Billboard American Hot 100 but didn't stay there for long and I feel like most people may have missed it. So I am going to give it some more recognition to make sure everyone knows about it. It's not the best song on this list but still a good one for your library.

5. Paper Planes - East of Avenue

This song is a little different from the other songs in this list because it is a slow inspirational pop song unlike the others which are more upbeat. I found this one on a Walmart commercial and searched it on YouTube and it doesn't even have 100,000 views. Its simple lyrics and playful melodies give it great feel and makes it relaxing to listen to.

6. Start A Fire - Unspoken

"Start A Fire" produced in 2014 by the band Unspoken is kind of similar to Paper Planes in style and it certainly gives you a feeling that makes you feel inspired and makes you want to go out and seize the day. It feels like the type of song that could be played at a graduation or a wedding and the lyrics are moving. If you are having a bad day this song will definitely give a spark to your day.

7. The Walker - Fitz and The Tantrums

Fitz and the Tantrums are also an Indie pop band and their song "The Walker" is sooo catchy. I use this song as my alarm in the morning because the band starts whistling and then the music starts playing and it makes for a great start to my morning. Love this song!

8. Young Again - Hardwell ft. Chris Jones

Hardwell is a House and Electric DJ and Young Again is one of his biggest singles to date. This is another song that I believe in good time will become very popular. Add this one in your Summer 2015 playlist because this song is definitely a keeper. Good vocals and a great beat make for an all around great song. I can't wait to see what Hardwell produces in the future.

I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of my "Great songs you may have never heard before" and if you haven't seen Part 1 Check it out here, Part 1

Monday, July 27, 2015

Great Songs You May Have Never Heard Before Part 1

I enjoy a great variety of music and I am always searching for more great music and the next big song. As I was looking through my music library, I quickly came to realize I had quite a few songs, all which I really enjoy, and they all had something in common: Each song in the playlist never seemed to become a big hit on the radio or even on YouTube. This gave me a great idea and led me to build this list of songs.
The eight songs I hand picked below make up the first half of a list of songs that I feel have flown under the radar for quite some time and deserve some recognition. You may have heard of some of these before as some are more popular than others but I guarantee you haven't heard them all. There are quite a variety of song genres in this list. So whether you enjoy pop, country or house there is a song in here for everyone.  

1. Animal - Neon Trees

Out of all the songs on this list, this one and the next one are definitely the more popular ones and I'm sure some of you have heard of Animal by Neon Trees. Never the less this is still an exceptional song. It has a great beat to it and excellent instrumentals. I really enjoy Neon Trees and recommend you check out "Everybody Talks" which is another great song from Neon Trees.

2. Classic - MKTO

As mentioned above this one is also one of the more popular songs on the list. However it still never made it to the top of the charts or to the radio frequently. It falls in to the pop genre and certainly is in line with what is on the radio today. This one might not be for everyone but it puts anyone in a good mood.

3. Dangerous - Big Data ft. Joywave

Dangerous was recorded in 2013 and comes to us from Big Data. It is an Indie rock and electronic song and it has a unique tone to it. I like this one because it is a little slower and not quite as upbeat assume of the other songs on this list however it is still very catchy. This one isn't as popular as the first two songs so give it a shot!

4. I Got U - Duke Dumont ft. Jax Jones

I just discovered this beauty the other week. This deep house single is brought to us by Duke Dumont and it is definitely one I put a star next to. This would be a great song for a party or your summer 2015 playlist. It is upbeat and it kind of reminds me of Waves by Mr. Probz from my Summer 2015 playlist. If you haven't seen that already, check it out too!

5. Knee Deep - Zac Brown Band ft. Jimmy Buffett

This is amongst my favourite country songs. Maybe it is because it doesn't even sound that country, it is a good song and certainly my favourite from the Zac Brown Band. It lightens the mood and makes you feel like your only worry in the world is if the tide is going to reach your chair!

6. Reflections - Misterwives

A female artist! Okay take it easy, I know I haven't included many female artists in my lists so far but this song is more than worthy of a shout out. Mandy Lee has an excellent voice and this is a great Indie pop single. It is always a hit amongst my friends when it plays off my phone!

7. The Only Way Is Up - Martin Garrix & Tiësto

This song is extremely new so I would be very surprised if you have heard of it before. Only having been released in May of this year it is a hit that I think would also be a fit in your 2015 summer playlist. I have been liking the house music lately, but how can you not when songs such as this one are being produced. Prior to this song I hand't heard much of Martin Garrix or Tiësto but I have been looking in to them and I recommend you do as well.

8. Up and Away - Can't Stop Won't Stop ft. June

I originally heard this song on a YouTube video for the "Worlds largest rope swing". Afterwards I looked in to it and it is certainly one that inspired this list. Can't stop won't stop hasn't produced to many other singles but don't let that take away from this one. If you are looking for a good pop/ hip-hop song that has flown under the radar that you haven't heard before, this is one I recommend for you!

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my "Great songs you may have never heard before", and if you did check out part 2!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Best 90s and 00s Inspirational Throwbacks Part 2

This is the second part to my list of the best 1990s and 2000s inspirational throwbacks. All of these songs are very similar in genre and tone and I believe they match well with the first bunch of songs. You will see some similar artist and some new ones and there is definitely a nice mix in this list. I'm sure some of these will take you back to the summer of 2001, to a high school dance, a graduation or just that number one hit that you played over and over again.

1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Greenday

2. Come On Get High - Matt Nathason

3. Drops of Jupiter - Train

4. Follow Me - Uncle Kracker

5. How To Save A Life - The Fray

6. You and Me - Lifehouse

7. Someday - Sugar Ray

8. Upside Down - Jack Johnson

9. Waiting On The World to Change - John Mayer

10. Your Body Is A Wonderwall - John Mayer

I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of my 90s and 00s inspirational throwbacks. Let me now in a comment what you would like to see next. All of these were male artists, so maybe a list with female artists is over due. Like and comment and share as always if you enjoyed!

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Best 90s and 00s Inspirational Throwbacks Part 1

These are songs from the the 90's and 00's that we all know and love but may have forgotten or not heard in years. All of these songs are great inspiration and have great tone and soul and come from some our most beloved solo male artists and bands. They were great songs when they first came out and are still popular today. All of the following are favourites of mine and I'm sure they are favourites of yours. I hope you enjoy! 

1. Bad Day - Daniel Powter

2. Breakeven - The Script

3. Drift Away - Uncle Kracker

4. Fly Away - Lenny Kravitz

5. Hey There Delilah - Train

6. Lonely No More - Rob Thomas

7. She's so High - Tal Bachman

8. Sunday Morning - Maroon 5

9. Viva la Vida - Coldplay

10. You're Beautiful - James Blunt

I hope you enjoyed these songs, and if you did check out Part 2 for another great list of songs just like these ones. Like and share if you enjoyed it helps me out a ton!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Top Songs for Summer 2015

Its finally time to kick back relax and grab yourself a beverage. Summer is here! Here are some pics for your 2015 summer playlist. I have some Pop picks first followed by some Hip-Hop hits so hopefully theres something in here for everyone. If you would like to take a further look I have provided amazon links below the descriptions. Enjoy!!!

1. Cheerleader - Omi   

This is not one of my favourites on this list, but still a very catchy song and a good choice for the summer. I know a lot of my friends love when this song comes on the radio.

2. Honey I'm Good - Andy Grammar

This is a good up and coming song. Its good now and I think will be a hit all summer long. 

3. Geronimo - Sheppard

This song is very catchy. I already gave it a shout out in one of my previous lists, but its pretty new to 2015 and definitely a good one to have! Check out my other lists for great songs like this one if you haven't already!


4. Summer - Calvin Harris

This is another great summer song. It is super upbeat and will make you want to get up and go out and seize the day! Great song last summer, this summer and will be next summer too.
5. Shut up and Dance - WALK THE MOON

This is another new up and coming 2015 song. Its just starting to get popular and I think this will also be one of 2015 summers big hits. Good song all around.
6. That Chick Right There - Kardinal Offishall ft. Chaisson

You might not have heard this one before but it is definitely a catchy one. I decided to put it with the pop songs for summer and I think it could definitely be a catch for you and your friends.

7. Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin

This was a big hit last summer, but it is such a great song that I feel like it shouldn't be forgotten, and should be brought back to life this summer! Swedish house mafia has some great music, but nothing compares to this one. Make sure you have this song.
8. Years and Years - King

I just heard this one not to long ago for the first time and its a great addition to the playlist. It hasn't caught a lot of traction on the radio yet, so check it out and give it a try.

9. Get Lucky - Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers

Get Lucky is one of my favourite songs. It is a great example of what house music bands have to offer. This is sort of a disco sounding song but it does not take away from Daft Punk being absolutely awesome! This is definitely a hit! 

10. Outlines - Mike Mago & Dragonette

This is another song that never seemed to gain much traction on the radio but is a good song that should not be over looked. These guys are fairly new, but Outlines is a great single.

Outlines (Original Mix)

Extra Recommendation: Stolen Dance - Milky Chance

1. Post to be - Omarion ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko

This is a new Hip/Hop song from 2015 and it is starting to get pretty popular. It is my personal favourite out of this list. Great song to get the bass bumpin'. Who's Omarion though?

2. Five More Hours - Deorro and Chris Brown

Another new song for 2015. This one I think for most will either be a hit or miss. Its pretty catchy I won't lie and I felt it deserved a spot in the list. This is a great dance mix, and I must say Chris Brown is a nice touch in this song.
3. See You Again - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

This song definitely completed Furious 7. This is such a great song and a great tribute to Paul Walker. I would recommend this song a hundred times over. Well done Wiz Khalifa.

4. Trap Queen - Fetty Wap

"I'm like Hey, whats up hello!" 
This song has jumped to the top of the charts and is a hit between all my friends. Should be a could one for summer nights.

Trap Queen [Explicit]

5. GDFR - Flo Rida ft.

With this song this summer is Going Down For Real. I'm not a huge Flo Rida fan, but this is a pretty good song. When this one starts playing you can't help but want to get up and dance.

6. Ayo - Chris Brown and Tyga

This is a new one as well. Hasn't gotten very popular yet but it makes for a good rap single this summer. I'm actually digging this song a lot lately.

7. Peaches n Cream - Snoop Dogg ft. Charlie Wilson

I must say 2015 has been a good year for new Hip/Hop. Peaches n Cream is right up there with my new favourite picks for 2015. Definitely include this one in your playlist. Good to see Snoop back making some good music.

8. Hood Go Crazy - Tech N9ne ft. B.O.B & 2 Chainz

If Tech N9ne was flying under your radar before this post, he should;t be anymore. He has some great work and i recommend you look in to some more of his music. I know we'll se more of Tech N9ne in the future.

9. Wet Dreamz - J Cole

J Cole is a truly exceptional artist. Wet Dreamz is a single from his newest album, "2014 Forest Hills Drive" and it is my personal favourite. I would definitely recommend this song, it is right up there with Work Out and Cant Get Enough.

10. Fun - Pitbull ft. Chris Brown

This is a "Fun" new song! 
Another song featuring Chris Brown. It's the last one I promise, but you he is certainly having a big 2014. This compilation with Pitbull I'm sure will be another big hit.
Should be a good catch for the summer.


Extra recommendation : Truffle Butter - Nicki Minaj
Truffle Butter [feat. Drake] [Explicit]

These songs here will give you a nice mix for a good 2015 summer playlist!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Great Songs For The Summer

It takes more then 10 songs to put together a good playlist or music library. So here is my second list of great songs for summer car rides, hanging out at the beach with your friends or whatever it may be you're doing. I guarantee these will spruce up your playlist and everyone will be asking you to plug the aux cord in to your phone.

Dilemma - Nelly

Dilemma, ft Kelly Rowland is a hit single from Nelly's 2002 album "Nellyville". This song was a number 1 hit across the world and it is certainly a deserving one. Anything produced by Nelly back in the early 2000s seemed to be a hit and this is one of them. Certainly a must have.

Geronimo - Sheppard

"Geronimooooooo!" There is something about this song that never fails to put me in a good mood. Its definitely one that makes you want to get up and dance. If you have heard of this one go listen to it here on youtube because I know it will have you saying Geronimo.

Hot in Herre - Nelly

Okay, I don't want to over do it with the Nelly, so this will be the last one, but like I said above, anything from Nelly is a hit. I personally prefer this one over Dilemma but both are good for a little throwback.

Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

Ice Ice Baby is the real deal, I can rap every part of this song it is so catchy. This one kind of stands out in the list because its more rap than pop but I definitely felt it deserved a mention in this list.

It Wasn't Me - Shaggy

I gave this song a shout out in my first list but it is too good not to get its own shout out here. Also a number one hit around the globe, Shaggy and Rikrok nailed this one. I guarantee if you play this one for your friends no one will complain. This is one of those songs that when Shaggy starts singing you can't help but try and keep up and sing along.

Mambo No. 5 - Lou Bega

I love this song. There's something about the trumpets in this song, and once they get going the blood starts pumping'. Lou Bega's remix version of Mambo No. 5 is a hit no doubt. Whenever I play this one there are always a couple people who ask me what the name of the song is because they remember it being a hit on the radio.

Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake

JT's rise to fame came when he was a member of the successful boy band NSYNC but in my opinion his best work has come since he's been a solo artist. He has produced great songs like "Rock Your Body", "Mirrors" and "Take Back the Night", just to name a few. However Sexy Back is definitely my favourite and thats why it made this list.

Shut up and Dance - WALK THE MOON

This is a very new song having only been released in the fall of 2014. It is just beginning to gain popularity on the radio and its definitely not one you should over look. I chose this one because it is one of few good new songs as of lately and will be a good one for the summer of 2015.

Summer - Calvin Harris

Speaking of summer, how about Summer by Calvin Harris. This is a great song for late summer nights, car rides or pump up before a game. Summer and "Feel so Close" are my two favourite songs from Calvin Harris and if you're looking for some good upbeat music, this is one for you.

Waves - Mr. Probz

This one might be one of the more unpopular ones on this list but one that I certainly recommend. It is a great song with a great beat and great simple lyrics and one I think you'll enjoy. These last three on this list go great together to start a good summer upbeat, pump up playlist. Hmm... maybe an upbeat summer playlist is the next article I should share!

These are just some of my favourite songs. I listen and enjoy many genres of music, new and old. Hope you enjoy these picks, more to come soon. Make sure you check out both my lists!